Activities at Pleaux Campsite

Youth activities (from 6 years old)

Palais breton

Traditional game similar to petanque (possibility of playing from 1 against 1 to 6 against 6)

Metal pucks replace petanque balls

Table tennis tournament

Playful tournament by hen (2 tables) of 3 or 4 players meeting in turn to establish a classification and to establish the final phase table. All matches take place in 1 winning set to avoid too long a wait to play again.


Scandinavian game likened to miniature bowling from 1v1 to 6v6

The principle of the game is to knock down wooden skittles using a launcher called Mölkky. Pins are scored from 1 to 12. The first team to score exactly 50 points wins the game. At the start of a game, the skittles are placed 3.50m (+ or – 10cm) from the players.

Orienteering race

Race against the clock which takes place within the enclosure of the campsite on a course materialized by beacons equipped with pliers allowing to punch the orientation card given at the start of the event.


Collective game assimilated to Handball without a goalkeeper replaced by a trampoline

Goal of the game :

Bounce the ball off either frame so that it lands on the court, out of reach of the opposing team’s players.

Field :

Tchoukball is played on a 12 by 25 meter field or on the handball field. Goals are frames located at each end of the pitch. They are surrounded by a prohibited area in the shape of a semi-circle (from 1.5 to 3 meters in radius depending on the terrain used). They allow the ball to be returned.

Football match open to all (7 to 77 years old)

Meeting on half or all terrain depending on the number of campers/Pleaudiens

Come and discover the new talents of tomorrow, both male and female, with confirmed and “neutral” official referees!!!

terrain foot pleaux

Family entertainment

Festive evening: aperitif / meal / dancing

Open to all residents of the campsite in the presence of elected officials

From 7:00 p.m. start of the aperitif followed by a convivial meal and a musical evening

Cost :

  • 12 to 15 € per person
  • 8 to 10€ per child
party cantal
party cantal

Visits to the farm and the honey house

  • Visit to the farm organized from the campsite in different farms or production (race salers, Cantal production …)
  • Visit to the honey house with explanation of the birth of the bee to the final product without forgetting the free tasting
visite ferme
visite ferme
visite ferme

Adult entertainment

Muscle building classes

One-hour session aimed at strengthening the abdominal and back muscles as well as the upper and lower limbs (abs, back muscles, sheathing, etc.) come and sculpt the body of a goddess and a muscle gentleman


Walk accessible to all, along shaded paths (distance of 6 to 9 km over the half day, 8 to 14 km over the day)

Petanque competition (classic and square balls)

Competition in doublet and/or triplet at the scrum and/or formed during the day and/or in the evening